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The difference between granite and marble

As granite is harder and acid resistant than marble, it is more suitable for outdoor balcony, courtyard, guest restaurant floor and windowsill in home decoration. Marble, on the other hand, can be used for countertops of bars, cooking tables, and dining cabinets.

1. Granite stone: granite stone has no color stripes, most of them have only color spots, and some are solid colors. The finer the mineral particles, the better, indicating a tight and sturdy structure.

2. Marble board: Dali stone has simple mineral composition, is easy to process, and most of its texture is delicate, with good mirror effect. Its disadvantage is that its texture is softer than granite, it is vulnerable to damage when hit by hard and heavy objects, and light colored stones are vulnerable to pollution. Try to choose monochrome marble for flooring, and choose a striped decorative cloth for the countertop to achieve better results. Other selection methods can refer to the selection method of granite.

Post time: May-30-2023