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Qingdao Henston Stone Co., Ltd. – Product Inspection Standards

With 20 years of accumulated experience in stone production and processing, we have formed advanced processing production lines, advanced equipment, and experienced operators to ensure the highest quality standards of our products.

Henston Stone Quality Standard Requirements (adjusted appropriately based on actual order requirements):
1.Use of materials: Confirm the type of materials required for the order through photos, samples sent, international unified granite codes, etc;

2. Processing requirements: Plane geometric dimension error: within+0.5mm~-0.5mm; Thickness error within -1mm~+2mm; Flatness measurement error through a ruler/feeler gauge: within 0.5mm; The glossiness of the polished surface processing board shall not be less than 90 degrees; The processing of burnt surface requires uniform burning, without missing or burning grooves, and without any defects such as stone lines, scars, cracks, etc.

3. Packaging requirements: Customized wooden boxes/pallets that meet the order specifications and dimensions according to customer requirements. The wooden packaging has undergone export fumigation and disinfection treatment, meeting international export requirements.

Post time: May-30-2023