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Granite types

There are many different types of granite, and they are divided according to different methods:

1. Division according to mineral composition
The types of granite according to the mineral composition are as follows:

Hornblende granite: Hornblende granite is a dark variety of granite, suitable for all kinds of weather, so it is suitable for any purpose.

Black mica granite: Black mica granite exists in a wide range of colours and is one of the granites widely used in construction. It is the hardest of all granites and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Slippery granite: Slippery granite is one of the lesser known forms of granite as it does not resist natural forces (wind, rain) very well. This makes it less suitable for flooring, countertops and outdoor use and is only used for decorative purposes.

Electric granite: Electric granite comes in a variety of colours, except for colourless and white, which are extremely rare. This granite type is ideal where there is not a lot of traffic, as it is soft for all types.

2. By the type of minerals contained
According to the kind of minerals contained, granite can be divided into: black granite, white mica granite, hornblende granite, diamictite granite, etc.

3. Divided according to the structure
According to the structure of granite, it can be divided into: fine-grained granite, medium-grained granite, coarse-grained granite, speckled granite, speckled granite, crystalline granite and gneiss granite and black sands granite, etc.

4. Divided according to the parameral contained
Granite can be divided into: cassiterite granite, niobium granite, beryllium granite, lithium mica granite, tourmaline granite, etc.

5. Divided by colour
Granite according to the colour can be divided into red, black, green, flower, white, yellow and other six series.

Red series include: Sichuan red, China red; Guangxi Cenxi red, three fortress red; Shanxi Lingqiu’s Guifei red, orange red; Shandong’s Lushan red, General red, Fujian’s Hetang red, Luoyuan red, shrimp red, etc.

Black series include: Inner Mongolia’s Black Diamond, Chifeng Black, Fish Scale Black; Shandong’s Jinan Green, Fujian’s Sesame Black, Fujian’s Fuding Black, etc.

The green series include: Taian green from Shandong; bean green and light green from Shanggao, Jiangxi; green flowers on a green background from Suxian, Anhui; Zhechuan green from Henan, etc., and chrysanthemum green from Jiangxi.

The flower series include: chrysanthemum green, snowflake green and cloudy plum from Henan Yangshi; black flowers on a white background from Haiyang in Shandong, etc.

The white series include: sesame white from Fujian, white hemp from Hubei, white hemp from Shandong, etc.
Yellow series: Fujian rust stone, Xinjiang’s Karameri gold, Jiangxi’s chrysanthemum yellow, Hubei pearl jute, etc.

Post time: May-30-2023